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Speedliner: a spray on deck liner that actually WORKS


Up to 80% stronger, 80% more resistant, 100% better!

Protect your ute deck like never before with a quality coating from Speedliner. Unlike many other aftermarket protective ute deck coatings, Speedliner is fast and easy to apply, and offers up to 80% more protection than it’s competitors. Acknowledged as the toughest spray-on bed liner available, Speedliner has attracted worldwide acclaim for it’s genuinely hard-wearing composition. New Zealand utes have some particularly challenging environments to work in, with our high levels of UV, our constantly changing weather, and our tendency to use our utes for all manner of loads! Luckily, Speedliner has a coating to suit every need. Speedliner is also able to be used in a variety of other applications – it can be applied to steel, timber, alloy, new concrete, plywood and stainless steel. Speedliner coatings have been used in many different applications throughout New Zealand and the world, and they even have the ability to be mixed with other products such as rubber and grit (ideal for boat deckings), which can then be applied through a hopper gun. The options are endless!

Speedliner KE 2000: Kevlar technology for your ute

Make your ute bed bulletproof with Speedliner KE 2000, using the high-tech fibre of Kevlar to reinforce and protect like never before. Military-grade Kevlar fibre provides extraordinary tensile strength (4,200 psi) and tear strength (610 lbs./in.). You can work your ute harder without any damage, and using our Speedliner spray-on system, the application is quick and effective.


This coating is ideal for the ute that works as hard as you do!

Speedliner ute tray Kevlar coating

Speedliner HC: Hygienic coating for commercial use

Transporting goods for consumption or processing? The Speedliner Hygiene Coating provides an antibacterial surface which is designed to create a hygienic transport surface inside vans, trucks and light commercial vehicles. Easy to wash down and certified for use in the dairy industry by AgriQuality New Zealand, this coating is ideal for use in food vans and produce transport as it has all the properties of Speedliner® as well as being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Speedliner will not warp, crack or break, it offers noise reduction and an even, textured non-slip surface. Unlike drop-in plastic tray covers, you won’t experience any loss of space and the fit is never an issue. Non-skid, unlimited colours, UV protection, and a tensile strength of 4000 psi: there’s really no competition!

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